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Dawn Hurwitz
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Technical   Assistance 
for Apple Macintosh computers. Troubleshooting • Repairs  Maintenance • Upgrades   Set-Up • Tutorials  Consulting

“Sorry, I don’t do Windows!”

I  am mobile & will travel to your location almost anywhere on East Hawaii Island,    Home or Business.

Charges: $50@hr , Plus Travel time
Pahoa area $5-15,Hilo , Kurtistown $15-20; Mt. View, Kaumana $20-25; Volcano, N. Hilo $25, Further $30@hr.
There is a minimum charge of 1 hr.mailto:dawnhurwitz@mac.comshapeimage_1_link_0

Mac Assistance …..

Provides professional Macintosh Service for most areas in East Hawaii Island, servicing both businesses and residents for all your Apple Macintosh needs.

This service includes traveling to your location to provide troubleshooting, diagnosis, repairs, upgrades, internet set-up, computer set-up, and tutorials.

It can also include consulting with you to sell you an Apple computer that best suits your needs, making sure you get EXACTLY what you need, nothing more, nothing less.

My hundreds of customers will testify to my reliable service and easy to understand instruction. Using ones computer does not have to be an "alien" experience. It is a tool to be used for communication, to stay in pace with how the rest of the world does. It comes naturally for me to translate "technospeak" into regular everyday language, easy for anyone to understand. My oldest customer is 93 years young!

Call for a FREE consultation today!  808-936-3046

a bit about me.....

    Way back in the early 1980’s, a friend who designed the first comic book on a Mac computer (Shatter), urged me to try out his new Macintosh to design clothes on (my 1st career). I never could get the hang of it for designing clothes, but the idea of what it could be used for otherwise always remained. I finally bought a Macintosh IIci in 1994 and suddenly it all clicked. When the new iMacs were announced in 1998, I invested in 3 of them for my espresso cafe, book & gift store “huna ohana” and the first internet cafe was born on the Big Island of Hawaii in Pahoa.

    In mid 2001 I closed the cafe, and began getting phone calls requesting to know who serviced my computers. The funny thing was, I impulsively got the Macs not knowing this info either, so, had to learn myself. After receiving numerous calls like this a light bulb went off in my head *NEW CAREER*. So I took the Apple Tech courses, and the rest is herstory!



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